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Our products and services

Our exclusive mission is to develop and implement business software for enterprises, with rich and tailored functions so to help the ongoing Digital Transformation in the world.


As a result of our work:

1, the client doesn’t have to use giant Excel tables anymore

2, we eliminate the obsolete and unsupported software

3, provide great reports (with data mining) and an effective dashboard

4, set up a centralized and modern software to help your business grow


These easy-to-use applications are highly customized to always meet our customer’s requirements. Of course, we also maintain and support the software in this ever-changing world.




– – –

As contrary to the usual software implementation approach, we do it a bit differently.

The point is not the software, modules, or the functions, but your GOALS.

So forget the software for a while and let’s begin with the goals!

This is the Reverse Technique, see below:


    Our target group

    Our products suit firms that employ at least 10 employees and would like to grow and step up to a higher level of digitalization.

    The goal is to create the ultimate and unique business solution for your company through a rich set of reports to support decision making (including mobile development).

    Recommended for those, who have not found the right software for their goals and interested in custom-tailored Enterprise Resource Planning software implementation in any industry.

    /Numbers from the EU and US/



    Our references

    According to our partners and clients, we provide these 2 significant benefits:

    Freedom – You know how to operate your company well? We create your exclusive and handy ERP software.

    Safe – You need the source code and software ownership? Sure, no problem!

    11 Hungarian embassies around the world have been satisfied running our software.

    Additionally, a large number of bespoke business applications help our clients to make money.

    We have industrial experience in CRM, making/manufacture, e-commerce, finance, warehouse management, decisions supporting/Business intelligence

    For a more detailed list of our favorite clients please visit:

    YOUTUBE channel (videos)

    or please watch some of our testimonial videos in English:

    Csontos Consulting Pty Ltd.TerraCycle US Inc.





    Or check out our ERP related blog here: http://erp.appmodell.com/

      A few parameters

      99+ implemented bespoke ERP systems around the globe

      (including the USA, Australia, Hungary, Japan)

      Over 400 users are using our software

      10+ years’ proven experience in business flow

      24 talented experts in our team

      100% surefire data storage (Oracle/MsSQL/Postgre)

      – – –

      Though we always combine our European experience with US “time is money” attitude,

      we are committed to have a reliable, long-term relationship with our customers.

      Please take a look at our software brochure: HERE

      – – –

      (BISNODE – creditworthy qualification)

      Our company has no public debt – (link to National TAX Office registration)

      enter our blog HERE


      Please tell us everything about your idea, so we can come up with great ideas.

      About us

      AMtech Systemhouse

      The Hungarian based Amtech Systemhouse was founded in 2009 as a legal successor of Admin-Soft limited (2005).

      The company is involved mainly in unique enterprise software development and ERP (finance/purchase, inventory, HR, CRM, decision-supporting, making, supply chain, mobile app, etc..) implementation with active software support.

      Our company has more than 12 years’ business development experience in all and works with 25 colleagues.

      (project managers, senior developers, quality managers, industry experts, etc.)

      The annual income exceeds 1 million USD and increases from year to year.

      Please take a quick look at our company Portfolio: amtech-portfolio

      Peter Szekrenyi – CEO

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